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Minimisation or miniaturisation is a contemporary procedure, and indeed it can be observed on all fields. This can be understand not just by the means of size, which is a common occurrence in the field of technology but also in the context of time, for instance in cinematography.

Overall as in the copy of the painting of The incredulity of Saint Thomas what was observed is a certain simplification, but in a way of becoming simultaneously more primitive. This simplification and primitivisation is a wider metaphor but it is also very panda like.


Once the concept of the ready framed has been established (‘all is history’) the artist ceases to be necessary as he joins the group of spectators. With this concept on the contrary to the readymade everything becomes art and what is given to the spectator is possibility (not a micro, but a macro-concept) to consider anything and everything as everything has a frame of history upon it. In sense this makes conceptual art freed of whatever classical idea of object and represented value it might have had, but also of modern concerns to do with organisation of labour (Marx). The artist provides the framework (frame) like a photographer frames a view anybody can see, and then what happens and is seen within the frame is for each of us to determine.


When I see an untouched glass I want to break it.