When asked when would I like to show the most, one would most normally consider institutions forming the structures of establishment. Behind these structures lay of course concentration of political power, economy, etc. And so one could mention, for instance, MoMA. But in fact, this institution which should never become ‘old’ is now 100 years old and so intricately involved in the market one would be correct to carefully question its significance. Does it go beyond that of short term value forming body?

In such case the correct answer to the initial question would be a place which goes precisely beyond a limited role of one singular institution, a place where being ‘old’ is not a detrimental, but rather enriching.

Hagia Sophia!

It is a place with such intricate and fascinating context. It has everything European culture consists of. The Roman Empire, Christianity suspended between the West and East and longing for the lost culture. The magically preserved time of the fall of Constantinople and the Hagia Sophia becoming a mosque to then give in and become a Museum, and that is then the most recent turn of history and also the most recent format of our approach towards history.

What is beyond that? In the sense: before and after?

How far can you see?