Why does Julian find Josephine a sad creature? Because of its limited frame, timeframe ? Because of the ‘limits of the state action’, the liberty which tethers her?

The question of the museum, the last legacy of the enlightenment in the “Camp of Achilles” will resurface once again and probably for the last time. The museum is the camp, withdrawn from the time of the present, of its matters, necessarily separated, it has to be. How can study – the ideal activity of the enlightenment- be conducted otherwise?

So the museum will be recurring narrative in the “Camp of Achilles”.

There, Josephine will play the main role, the work of art, passing through times and dreams of humanity, the vestiges of memory and history. Once she is dead, then (and before she is not, not enough time will have passed for it to be accepted), well once she is dead she will thus become part of art history and no museum will be able to encompass her. She, the artwork, will be no more. She will be art history. After all, art is the very energy and imperative of creation conducting us, and conducted by us at the same time, from the times immemorial. A cube could have never encompassed it. In making a cube we have achieved nothing close to perfection, but an illusion of any achievement at all.