02/09/2017 2:45 am

In Vanito Vanitas the language of Malewicz (supposed modernity) is empty, i.e. supposedly without implications to the roots of the culture, but then through the connection to the classical made in Vanito Vanitas, these implications become apparent again.

In Vanito Vanitas one sees this connection can never be severed. The empty square is a historic quote, nevertheless it does not symbolise the concept already explored in the modern discourse (e.g. that of the square and all its implications made by Malewicz), it is rather a symbol of the historic significance of this particular time (point in history), all the cultural implications of changes of the time, etc.

The modernity is represented through the empty field of the photographic paper, yet that is not all, I mean not simply empty, it is surrounded by vestiges of culture and history in its all directions, which simply wait to be yet again observed and acknowledged.