To Nessa Cui, De Sarthe Gallery, Beijing

Dear Nessa,

In regards to the subject of the talk, I think it should be connected to certain points made by our exhibition.

Over all, my monography I am preparing for the next year is subtitled: ‘creating historic significance’ and it could be title for our talk. It is both in this as in other works of mine that significance of history becomes its significance in the present rather than in the past. The beach piece is symbolic, not in the way its elements are though (this could be reading it in a way post modernism taught us). Most importantly it is a symbol of particular moment of history, as is the neon. This is reoccuring in my works, in another one for instance, where I am using a banana, which again could be read with its fallic implication and in the way it has been used by artists of 20th century but then again most importantly becomes a symbol of art history and history (particular moment of art history, of social changes at the time, etc.).